The farrowing system for loose sow housing

Pro Dromi® is a unique farrowing system for loose sow housing. Devised by pig farmers, tested by Wagenignen University at practising farms, and co-developed by Vereijken. Because the losses by piglet crushing are higher in loose farrowing systems, ways were sought to prevent this. The most important success factor is the separation of the climate for the sow and the piglets. Vereijken has developed a separate cubicle for the piglets, called the Nanny. Together with the Pro Grip floor and a simple crate, this creates a farrowing pen which can also be used for loose sow housing.

The idea behind Pro Dromi® is very simple. The Nanny provides a perfect environment for the piglets to lay down in. That is why the Nanny is seamless, draught
free, and uniformly heated by the “waterbed” floor. Because the more time the piglets spend in the Nanny, the lower the risk of crushing.

Pro Dromi® enables us to discover the possibilities and profitability of more natural behaviour. And the results show a quicker birthing process, calmer animals, heavier piglets at weaning, and most of all, job satisfaction!

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Pro Dromi®: the farrowing system for loose sow housing

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The Pro Dromi® system offers several additional elements, which can complement the pen.


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Pro Dromi® was designed by 14 sow farmers in 2010 and tested and developped by Wageningen University and Vereijken:  The perfect farrowing pen for the sow, the piglets AND the farmer.

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