Easy elements

Easy Air

Offer your sows a breath of fresh air!

By controlling the air inlet slider in the front, you can choose to direct the fresh, cool air from the ground channels directly to the head of the sow, or via the top of the front into the farrowing room.

Easy Catch

Catch piglets without entering the pen!

With the patented Easy Catch, you can catch the piglets automatically in the Nanny. Very convenient for piglet treatments.

Easy Climate

Create the perfect climate for both the sow and its piglets!

The most important success factor in loose sow housing. The Nanny provides the perfect micro climate for the piglets, while the macro climate in the farrowing room can be adjusted to fit the needs of the sow.

Easy Nesting

Nesting material helps the sow to express her natural behaviour!

Nesting behaviour of the sow results in a quicker birthing process, calmer animals and heavier piglets at weaning.

Easy Clean

Improve the manure disposal from the pen!

Automatic manure slide behind the sow for improved manure passage through the floor, or an SS duct between the penning and the back wall.

Easy Front

The Nanny is the perfect micro climate for the piglets!

The uniformly heated “waterbed” piglet cubicle is draught-free and thus very comfortable for the piglets. It can be equiped with extras such as an LED light, slides for split-suckling and the Easy Catch.

Easy Play

Playing develops the social skills of your piglets!

Piglets who have learned to play are less likely to experience chronic stress when meeting new congeners at weaning. They are also less likely to fight and bite each other throughout their entire lives.